How to Correct Skin Tones in Lightroom Mobile

Sometimes a tanned skin turns orange on camera, or after applying presets you find that your skin turns a bit too orange, especially during the summer.
Learn how to fix it with the following 3 steps for adobe Lightroom mobile.

Step 1: Color Temperature and White Balance

When it comes down to color correcting, we first want to lower the white balance ‘TEMPERATURE’ a little to get rid of the warmth. Don’t lower it too much to get the best natural result later. Also lower the ‘TINT’ a little to take out the orange and red blaze.

Keep in mind: When the White Balance is TOO warm, the SKIN tone will appear TOO ORANGE or yellow. But, if the White Balance is TOO cold, you can expect a blue or grayish tint to your image.

Step 2: Light and Exposure

Make some small adjustments in the lightingtab: First raise the ‘HIGHLIGHTS’ and ‘EXPOSURE’ just a little and lower the ‘CONTRAST’ sliders. You can also lower the ‘SHADOWS’ to keep the shadows and the blacks in your picture. Sometimes you also need to raise the whites but make sure not raise it too much.

Step 3: Skin Tone Color Adjustments

The last step is to correct skin tones that are too ‘orange’. The solution is raising the red and orange ‘HUE’ sliders and lower the red and orange ‘SATURATION’ sliders. After that’s been done raise the ‘LUMINANCE’ sliders to correct the color brightness. Keep in mind that each photo is different in terms of how much you should move the sliders to get your desired result – a more natural looking skin tone.

Want to do this a little bit faster? Then tap the target icon and tap somewhere on the skin.
You are now able to adjust both colors at the same time to get the best result.

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