What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets are one of the most advanced photo filters on the market. They can tweak every detail in your picture, such as exposure, shadows, whites, colors, vibrance, sharpness and moreThese filters work better than any other filter, for example the ones that you can use on Instagram. That’s because of the wide variety of settings inside the Lightroom filters. Lightroom presets can completely change the look of your photos and can give a specific style to your photos with just one click.

What is the difference between Lightroom Presets and other filters?

 Lightroom Presets works the same way as any other filter: With just one click your pics can be edited.  After adding the presets, you also can adjust the picture if necessary. The Big difference between other filters and Lightroom Presets is that the Lightroom Presets are adjusted by a photographer. What Lightroom-presets makes different from other filters, is the way they can change your pictures into better ones.

Why use Lightroom Presets? 

If you see the difference between the two filters above, I hope you already understand why Lightroom Presets are a much better choice than other Filters, like the ones from Instagram. One of our favorite things about Lightroom Presets and Instagram is that you can create a beautiful and cohesive feed in a particular style. Furthermore, when you want to edit wedding pictures or create a photo collage, Lightroom Presets can help you create a perfectly fitting style for every occasion.

How to install lightroom presets?

Our easy to follow video tutorial will walk you through, step by step, how to download the presets, how to import them into the free Lightroom mobile app, and how to apply them to your photos!

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Find the best Lightroom Presets!

We selected some of our bestselling Lightroom Presets in this blog. All Presets are compatible with the Free Lightroom app and Lightroom CC (desktop version) These presets packages comes with mobile presets for iPhone and Android.

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